The Dagat: On Film

The Dagat: On Film

Film photography is something that amuses me up until now. From when we were young to the modern times, film has its own way of making you feel the exact way you did years ago. The same process, the same impact. 
From the way you certain memories are captured, the eagerness you feel when you're about to have it developed, to the excitement you get when you have the rolls back with the printed photos or the flash drive with the scanned copies; these things have never faltered even though time had already passed by. 
Every shot, every photo, is taken mindfully as not to waste resources, time, and money. And sometimes, out of a roll, some don't come out the way you thought
they would; and in there, there is still beauty. 
The slow process of film photography is something we want to incorporate in making better basics for you. We have to keep the production of each design and colorway slow and mindful as to provide not just better, but, exemplary basics for every body. 
With that, here's one of our sets shot on film.
The Dagat, designed and shot in the beautiful island of Siargao by a very well versed film photographer and a dear friend, Summer Puertollano. May it be used as intimates or swim, the Dagat is one of ours that will provide comfort in your every day.



Photographed by

Summer Puertollano


Surfing Temple, Siargao Island




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